The Brrr token community, in association with the team of Set Protocol, has announced the highly anticipated launch of the Money Printer Go Brrr Set on its portal. The Tokenset is being branded with the ticker symbol of $BRRR and has been introduced as an ERC-20 Social Set.

According to the official blog post released by the participating teams, the launch of the first Ethereum-Bitcoin Tokenset has been undertaken with a core aim to cater to the requirements of the largest monetary and potential fiscal ecosystem ever introduced since time unknown. To attract more and more customers to the platform, the team has launched the BRRR Tokenset with an introductory 0% buy fee charges for all the new users of the Set platform.

The Set Protocol team has unveiled the new Tokensets under its advanced algorithm mechanism, Amrullah Deep Liquidity or ADL. The algorithm pedagogy is a team effort of some of the most experienced software techies’ who have put in their expertise in deep learning algorithm development that spans for a period of more than five years. “Quant models can generate outsized risk-adjusted returns. It uses math to place the right trades at the right time with the right size,” quoted the team during an interaction.

The investors are willing to invest in this Tokenset need to wrap their Ethereum and Bitcoin assets into the newly launched Set. For those who do not have Ethereum or Bitcoin, they can use other cryptocurrencies like DAI, USDC, or LINK in a simplified one-step mechanism. The ADL algorithm will aid the users to automatically re-balance between Ethereum or Bitcoin. Rebalance refers to the process of realigning the weights of tokens inside a Set to the Set’s target weights. The process involves supplying of undercollateralized component tokens to the Set and receiving over collateralized tokens in lieu. During the auction period, the funds are never in a locked state. As each Set holds the native token in its vault, holding the Set for a long period of time will not require the users to indulge in any additional processing steps.

The platform has launched a new feature named the Streaming and Performance Fee. It helps to in alignment of incentives with Set holders. The fee is paid to clear off the insurance premium that is offered to the users. The performance fee indicates the percentage of profits taken by the Set creator when the Set’s value crosses its high-water mark. On the other hand, the streaming fee charge serves as an annualized fee on the total market cap of the set that the Set creator may accrue at any time.