AIR WALLET, the world’s first digital wallet and multifunctional platform that provides the users to interact with both blockchain and non-blockchain based projects, has signed an MoU (memorandum of understanding) with the subsidiary company of Sangseung, named the Standing Foundation. This collaboration aims at exposing both the platforms to cryptocurrencies. AIR WALLET and Sangseung’s Standing Foundation has been exchanging a cordial relationship for many years now, with both the parties looking forward to set examples in the blockchain market.

Under the agreement, both the companies have agreed to cooperate and develop the business and technical areas such as the cryptocurrency payment gateways and API payment systems. Sangseung focusses on four major areas, blockchain investment, content creation, marketing, and blockchain consulting. Whereas, AIR WALLET focusses on creating a platform for the users where they can utilize cryptocurrency to store and manage crypto assets securely. It also works as a multifaceted crypto wallet to aid crypto trading, payment, and exchange services. Therefore, the focus of both the companies lies in the same horizon, and that is to accelerate the use of cryptocurrencies. This motive urged both the companies to sign the agreement of technical and business cooperation to meet the objectives of both the companies.