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The Differentiation between Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Security Token Offering (STO) – Explained!

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the primary, most often used and quickest approach to funding a blockchain venture without intermediaries in the year 2017 to 2018. The STO (Security Token offering) can be differentiated with the IPO (Initial public offering), where the tokens are taken as real securities. As of now, there is an intense discussion taking place inside the crypto network. This discussion is revolved around the rise of another strategy for fund-raising for blockchain projects, and this technique is known as STO (Security Token Offering).


An ICO is almost identical to an IPO in the traditional investment world. Moreover, ICOs themselves are a technique for raising support for funds where an organization looking to initiate new service or a product will search for outside investment to help subsidize their venture. The organization running the ICO will do this through different types of marketing. The organizations will utilize an ICO to eliminate strict regulatory guidelines which are costly and tedious, associated with ordinary fundraising strategies.

Advantages of ICOs

Some of the advantages of an ICO are:

  • For purchasers and vendors, there is no entry block
  • It has a Positive Impact on the network
  • The tokens are shared in a basic automated manner
  • The groups can deal with their assets any way they like
  • An effective ICO frequently requires only a professional digital campaign
  • When a price of the coin rises, investors enjoy high profits and early adopter benefits
  • Few ICOs permits anonymous participation

Disadvantages of ICOs

Some of the disadvantages of an ICO are:

  • High instability and control over the crypto market
  • Low liquid assets
  • Not sure if the product will be done and delivered as expressed in the white paper
  • Pump and dump plans and Scams are regular issues with investors and project holders
  • Risk related to space.


Firstly, most ICOs (Initial coin offering) is intended for fundraising in an environment which is unregulated. Most ICOs place their offerings as utility tokens to bypass regulations. Most organizers and ventures dispute that they distribute client’s tokens to get to their decentralized applications (DApps) or local platforms. The primary reason here is that the purpose behind their coin is utilization and not trading. This line of thinking makes ICO ventures to evade regulation and registration with SEC or strict controllers.

STOs are supported continuously by some tangible resource, which keeps speculators from falling prey to fake business policies. STOs are classified as securities, and they are additionally subject to securities guidelines for the nation they are launched and for their investor’s nation.

Advantages of STOs

Some of the advantages of an STO are:

  • Financial specialists get hidden resources that get their value from others
  • Ensure security of investors which gives 100% regulated offerings
  • Ventures that go for STOs are commonly more developed and dependable than the ones in the ICO circle.
  • STOs are undergoing significant development while ICOs shrinks its space.
  • It is a progressing pattern.
  • Security tokens are predicted to be traded using intermediary vendors who are directed by regulatory bodies.
  • Security tokens can be the next step in the traditional fund.

Disadvantages of STOs

Some of the disadvantages of an STO are:

  • To get approval from regulators, it takes a lot of time, money and effort
  • It can be restricted only to accredited investors
  • It will require vast amounts of cash.
  • Less market manipulation and speculation

ICOs vs. STOs

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is essentially crowd sales, the cryptocurrency sort of crowdfunding. They have given the most straightforward way by which DAPP developers can get the required financing for their project. Anyone can invest in a project they are keen on by buying the tokens of that specific DAPP and can become a small part of the project. Moreover, STOs are introduced in view of keeping regulatory guidelines in mind. They are enrolled with necessary government bodies which meet all the legitimate necessities and are hundred percent legal.

Wrap up

Security Token Offering has helped to provide a better reputation to the crypto world. Currently, ICOs have a reputation for being a breeding ground for fraudsters. Moreover, because of the more directed nature of STOs, they have made as token contributions are viewed as progressively credible to financial specialists.

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