AnalystQ Review 2021


AnalystQ, also known as Q, is an online commodity and cryptocurrency trading platform known for its responsiveness, speed, and ease of use. The platform operates in 170 countries all over the world. AnalystQ offers its traders new trading options, and enriches them with valuable educational resources so that they can earn while they learn. Cryptocurrency trading is always susceptible to high risks, owing to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the traders, before starting to trade cryptocurrencies, should assure themselves that they are well aware of the risk factors and that they can afford to lose their investments in the truest sense.

AnalystQ Review - Earn more Profit!
AnalystQ Review – Earn more Profit!

To start trading on the AnalystQ platform, the traders are required to register and fund their accounts only by bitcoin. It does not accept any other modes of exchange, be it fiat deposits or credit card transfers or any other modes. The funds should be sent at the correct e-wallet address provided by the AnalystQ platform.

Trading Accounts:

AnalystQ offers various account options to the traders to cater to their specific trade preferences. With its intuitive trading tools and customized coaching, AnalystQ manages to earn their customers’ trust and confidence. There are three types of accounts wherein the traders can register themselves. More than 1600 assets can be traded on the AnalystQ platform, with the help of various online trading tools provided on each account so that the traders can trade comfortably and effectively.

1) Primary Accounts

The Primary account has three tiers in its hierarchy, namely Standard Account, Education Account, and Specialty Account. All three tiers under the Primary Account hierarchy allows the trading of multiple assets. All the three account types receive regular updates of the market trends via SMS or WhatsApp to help the traders to trade profitably. Access to the MetaTrader5 platform and the Webinar library is available only to the Education Account and the Specialty Account. The minimum funding for the Standard Account types is 500 USDT, for the Education Account types are 5000 USDT and for the Education Account types is 25,000USDT.

AnalystQ Reviews - Primary Accounts
AnalystQ Reviews – Primary Accounts

2) Professional Accounts

When a trader signs into a professional account, they get the following benefits.

  • Traders can expand the trade leverage up to 300:1
  • Professional account traders get personalized sessions where they are given regular updates regarding the current trends to help them place profitable trades effortlessly. Profitable trading signals are also sent directly to the trader’s registered mobile number via WhatsApp or SMS.
  • Exclusive invitations would also be sent to the trades for any VIP events once social distancing and COVID pandemic subsides.

There are two tiers in the Professional Account hierarchy, namely MarginQ Account and the Platinum Account. The minimum funding required for the MarginQ account is 75,000 USDT, whereas the minimum funding required for the Platinum Account is 1,50,000 USDT. The traders registered in both the tiers can avail access to the MetaTrader5 platform and the live webinar library. They can also participate in 3 live trading sessions per week with one of the trade analysts on AnalystQ. Also, the traders can directly connect to the customer support team at any time of the day.

3) AutomatiQ Accounts

With the help of the AutomatiQ account, traders can access the autopilot provided on the AnalystQ platform. Traders can also run the latest trade strategies from their brokerage accounts. The trader’s money is entirely theirs and is kept safe inside the brokerage account of that respective trader. Before getting started, the traders can discuss the trade strategies that they want to implement, with the trading experts at AnalystQ. The traders are at full liberty to start and stop trade at their convenience via the AutomatiQ Account. To start trading with the AutomatiQ account, the traders need to fund their account by using any of the funding options available on the platform. Next is to choose the trade strategies after assessing the various risks associated with it. After all, these are done, trades are placed automatically as per the trader’s trade preferences.

Instruments that can be traded on AnalystQ:

AnalystQ provides a robust platform to trade multiple instruments like bonds, indexes, ETFs, currency options, energy commodities, soft commodities, and precious metals apart from cryptocurrencies. With the help of these instruments allowed on the AnalystQ platform, investors can also short specific trading coins and earn profits even when the coins start losing their values. The AnalystQ platform allows both trading of traditional assets as well as leveraged cryptocurrencies to reap the perks of trading various coins even without owning them or paying for them. Let’s discuss each of them in detail.

AnalystQ Review - AnalystQ Instruments
AnalystQ Review – AnalystQ Instruments

1) Cryptocurrencies

AnalystQ offers a special privilege to the registered traders wherein they can trade multiple cryptocurrencies without even owning them. This brings immense benefits to the traders, especially the new ones who can stay away from the unsecured and volatile exchanges. Traders can take advantage of high leveraged opportunities and effective trading insights with the help of cryptocurrency tools and services offered by AnalystQ. AnalystQ also offers future-facing crypto tools that let the traders place profitable trades by peeking at the future crypto trends. The platform offers the investors safer and smarter crypto trading with the help of various trading tools offered on the platform.

2) Currency Options

Currency options refer to the foreign exchange currency market and are currently the most sought-after financial market among the traders because of the myriad of trading opportunities that the forex market brings in every single day. Though there are risks that are inherent to any financial market, the risks can be waived through proper research and education. At AnalystQ, the traders can exercise currency options trading any time of the day through any device, including laptops, all Apple devices, tablets, etc. It also provides real-time analysis of multiple currency pairs. There are varying ranges of maturities for different currency pairs to suit the needs of individual traders. Currency options come in 3 categories, namely Classic, Platinum, and VIP. Among these 3 categories, the Platinum and the VIP traders can have access to lower trade prices.

3) Energy Commodities

AnalystQ also offers a robust energy commodity trading platform that hosts various trading options for the traders, besides providing them with a rock-solid customer service to address any issues they face during trading. The commodity trading platform at AnalystQ also offers traders effective risk management tools and proper training so that they can reap the maximum benefits from trading energy commodities. Energy commodities include renewable energy sources like solar, biomass, wind and geothermal, and non-renewable sources of energy oil, coal, and gas. Even the changing weather patterns of the Earth, prevailing economic conditions, or geopolitical relationships are also factored into energy commodities, thereby creating massive opportunities for the traders. The trade experts at AnalystQ are well experienced in trading energy commodities, and can, therefore, provide powerful insights into the latest commodities market comprising the various energy resources of the Earth.

AnalystQ Review - Energy Commodities
AnalystQ Review – Energy Commodities

4) Precious Metals

Precious metals have always been robust insurance against economic downs and crises since time immemorial. Also, the tendency of the precious metals to increase in value and their powerful diversification opportunity continue to be the same and are not going to change anytime soon. Therefore, precious metals have always been the traders’ weapon no matter what risk comes in disguise. AnalystQ offers the trade of Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium and also provides risk management solutions to safeguard trading of these 4 precious metals. However, the market rates, bids, spreads, etc for different countries are different and based on the legislation of that particular country where these precious metals are traded.

5) Soft Commodities

AnalystQ offers soft commodities trading like coffee, sugar, cocoa, cotton, and soybeans. Trading these soft commodities has its associated risks, but these soft commodities can bring in a host of lucrative opportunities if they are traded wisely. At AnalystQ, the traders have a lot of options to reap the benefits of commodity trading even if the assets lose their values. The most important benefit of soft commodities trading is that they can be shortened when there is a depression in the market, and therefore the profit remains intact. Also, there are no default risks associated with trading these soft commodities as they are traded amidst a safe trading environment provided by the AnalystQ trading platform. Even if there is the slightest risk associated with the trader’s physical position, that too is taken care of by the AnalystQ platform.


Every successful trading has a lot of research and education backing them. At Analyst, the traders are provided a thorough knowledge of trading, so that they can acquire the minimum trading skills and keep themselves at bay from making expensive mistakes. Grab any of the courses discussed below and master your trading skills on various instruments starting from cryptocurrencies to Currency options trading to ETFs.

AnalystQ Reviews - Education
AnalystQ Reviews – Education

1) Educational Courses

The AnalystQ platform offers a wide range of educational courses for all levels of experience, be it a beginner or intermediate or a pro trader who has been in the crypto trading business for quite some years now. For beginners, the trading courses act like study materials, while for a pro trader, the courses help them to improve their trading skills. The topics for the educational courses include commodity trading, leveraged cryptocurrency trading, indices, stocks trading, trading strategies, and market trends; all that is offered on the AnalystQ platform. Therefore, if you are ready to make a career in crypto trading and are well aware of the risks associated with it, AnalystQ is the perfect platform for you to start with. The Q platform also sends updated news about the prevailing market trends directly to the registered email account of the trader and assists the interested traders in their studies. It prepares you exactly in the way that is needed to be an elite-level crypto trader.

2) Online Trading Courses

To see your crypto trading career on the rise, you can undergo a short online trading course offered on the AnalystQ platform. The course is especially for those traders who are keen to establish a trading career but do not take the course due to time constraints. The online trading courses offered by Q are flexible enough to suit the traders’ needs and will help the new traders reach the elite level performance in crypto trading. Traders can learn various trade strategies, including crypto trading, commodities trading, indices, currency options trading, and, last but not least, stocks trading. Interested traders can participate in virtual learning by just a single click on their phones. AnalystQ analysts host in-depth webinars to impart expert trading knowledge to the traders.

3) Personal Trading Coaches

Some traders find it more convenient to join in a meeting that involves one-to-one discussions with the coach and mentors; Q’s portfolio allows this to its registered traders. The traders can join in a one-to-one discussion with the mentor and resolve all their issues in no time. Individual mentorship is always a better option when you need to make your trading insights more powerful and robust.

Platforms offered by AnalystQ:

The various trading platforms offered by AnalystQ are as follows:

1) Android Trading app Platform

The Android trading app platform was designed to keep in mind the trading needs of both the new traders and the seasoned ones. It aids the traders in monitoring real-time trade data quickly and tracks various trades by getting instant notifications, thereby updating them on shifting trends.

AnalystQ Review - Android Trading app Platform
AnalystQ Review – Android Trading app Platform

2) iPhone Trading App Platform

AnalystQ’s iPhone trading app lets the users remain connected to the market even while moving. The responsive design and the innovative layout of the app help traders trade from anywhere and everywhere so that they never miss an opportunity to earn profits.

3) MetaTrader 5 platform

MetaTrader 5 is a one-stop solution for trading stocks, Forex, and Futures. It is an institutional multi-asset platform that offers both free and paid opportunities like technical analysis, use of automated trading robots, copy trading, access to freelance strategists and developers, virtual hosting or VPS for currency options, and real-time technical indicators from seasoned analysts. AnalystQ’s MetaTrader 5 platform is compatible across almost all devices and browsers.

4) Tablet Trading App Platform

The Analyst trading app is also compatible with the tablets so that the traders can view both their trading statuses and the prevailing market trends in just a swipe of the fingers quite effortlessly. This compatibility of the AnalystQ app with modern devices helps the traders to gain an insight on the live prices and the real-time market data, which will, in turn, help them to get a firm grip on the prevailing market conditions, and recent updates. It will also help the traders to make informed decisions.

AnalystQ Review - Tablet Trading App Platform
AnalystQ Review – Tablet Trading App Platform

5) Web Trader Platform

AnalystQ’s Web Trader Platform makes online trading much easier and effortless for the traders. It is helpful for both the new traders as well as for the experienced ones. It provides a straightforward trading solution with a gentle learning curve for the new traders, who will in no time get the confidence of a seasoned trader. Every trader with a reliable internet connection can access the Web Trader Platform provided on the AnalystQ, as soon as he signs up to his account on the AnalystQ platform. Web Trader allows the traders to view trending assets, compare them through a multi-chart window, access historical data and risk management tools, analyze the trends of multiple trade instruments, and access the 2-factor authentication system to gain an added layer of security.

Crypto Funding Basics:

At AnalystQ, the traders both the new and the seasoned ones, enjoy the liberty to use leveraged cryptocurrency options instead of their cash in the form of margin loans and leveraged loans, which are discussed below:

Margin and Leveraged Loans

Margin and Leveraged Loans have always been lucrative options for cryptocurrency trading for both the new and experienced traders. At AnalystQ, the traders own the privilege of using their (AnalystQ’s) Margin and Leveraged loan options that can bring them myriad lucrative opportunities that would otherwise not be possible to reach out to.

AnalystQ Reviews - Margin and Leveraged Loans
AnalystQ Reviews – Margin and Leveraged Loans

Margin loans expand the traders’ purchasing power by allowing them more liquidity in their funds on a long-term basis. Margin loans can be acquired much faster without any waiting time and also at a comparatively lower rate of interest because loans are secured against the value of the trader’s owned securities. Therefore, loans are much quickly approved without the need to pay any costs towards the closing of the account or annual fees, setup fees, or even inactivity fees that are charged by some online traders.

Leverage loans provide the traders utmost stability in their personal or corporate balance sheet, against the raging volatilities that exist in the cryptocurrency markets all the time. It allows the traders to settle debts and also allows them to repurchase cryptocurrencies at a much lower rate. Leveraged loans bring immense benefits to especially the new traders who have been denied loans either because they could not arrange for collaterals or for any other obvious reasons.

Services that AnalystQ offers:

AnalystQ offers various trade services to fit the trade strategies of every trader, whether new or seasoned. Listed below are the various trade services offered by AnalystQ. Each service is designed in such a way to slip into any trading strategies that the traders are comfortable with.

1) Dedicated Sales Trader

Normally a new trader finds it very confusing and outwardly time-consuming to trade in a new market, but with AnalystQ, this has never been an issue with the traders. AnalystQ provides for a dedicated sales trader with years of experience in the analytical field, at the traders’ service 24/7. The dedicated sales traders help the registered traders on the AnalystQ platform with crypto funding, sales, and explaining the raging market volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

2) In-House Analyst

In-house analysts help the traders empower their portfolios in the most effective ways otherwise not accessible to the traders. In-house analysts do the research work to predict market fluctuations on behalf of the traders so that they can trade without stress and doubt, and also can reap the maximum benefits to earn huge profits.

AnalystQ Review - In House Analyst
AnalystQ Review – In House Analyst

3)Personal Relationship Managers

Whether it is commodity trading or cryptocurrency trading, traders are always at a risk of falling into traps of hidden costs, sometimes out of their ignorance or sometimes at no fault of theirs. Therefore, it is always better to have someone more learned and experienced by your side, who can guide you throughout your trading journey. A personal relationship manager can harness the market volatility on your behalf and maximize your chances of earning profits. The Personal Relation Manager at AnalystQ provides one-on-one support to the traders through phone calls, emails, or even personal meetings. Personal Relationship Managers also wade traders through effective retirement plans.

4) Personal Trading Courses

Personal trading courses are more like self-training modules that help the traders to hone their trading skills. The trading courses are simple and do not need years of study. It helps the traders to build their trading skills and become their advisors.

Support Team of AnalystQ:

There is a 24-hours robust support team backing the AnalystQ platform. Spread over 170 countries, AnalystQ provides customer support to traders settled at any parts across the world, through email, WhatsApp, telegram, or directly through phone calls. If the traders face any issues while trading on the AnalystQ platform, they can directly connect to the customer support team and resolve their issues immediately.

1) Email Support

Traders from all over the 170 countries where AnalystQ operates can connect to the customer support team via email. The email ids are as follows: Support team Compliance team – Trading Desk – Analyst Desk

2) Watsapp Support

Whatsapp is a secure instant messaging app that has become one of the most popularly used communication channels among all generations. The ease of use, end-to-end encryption, and effective compatibility of the application in both desktop and mobile devices make it a secure communication channel. AnalystQ provides unparalleled customer support to its members via this immensely useful application.

3) Telegram Support

Telegram is yet another safe and secure messaging app like WhatsApp, but it a cloud-based messaging application. At AnalystQ, the trader can complete their trading formalities, including uploading their KYC documents seamlessly through this Telegram messaging app. AnalystQ is the first crypto trading platform that has successfully incorporated Telegram support into their customer services.

4) Phone Support

Some traders find it more convenient to make a live one-to-one discussion with the customer service team; AnalystQ provides that service as well. Any traders settled in any one of the 170 countries where AnalystQ operates, can make a direct phone call and connect to the customer service team. For this, the trader has to select the particular country to which he belongs to, and the local number would be displayed immediately in the drop-down menu from where he can directly make the call.

AnalystQ Review - Support
AnalystQ Review – Support


Therefore, from cryptocurrencies to commodities, futures to Currency options, AnalystQ serves as a one-stop solution catering to every investor’s trading needs. It gives traders access to multiple crypto financial markets that the traders would not have got the opportunity to explore otherwise. By participating in living sessions with crypto analysts to taking part in elite crypto webinars and educational courses, traders are provided seamless benefits at AnalystQ. Besides this, the customer service team is always there at the trader’s service 24/7 to solve their trade-related issues.














  • Multilingual customer support
  • It offer best prices to clients


  • Transaction option avaliable only in Bitcoin!