InvestXE Review 2021


InvestXE is a leading online cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that has taken the trading world by storm. It provides some of the world’s best trades from crypto to gold and ensures the ease of trading along with continuous support and safety to their customers. The platform facilitates leveraged Bitcoin trading with the best exchange rates. It allows traders of different levels of experience full access to over 16,000 assets, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, energies, etc., from around the world. InvestXE has several thousands of users in more than 170 countries, and many more are joining daily to access the tools offered by the platform. InvestXE offers you the resources, tools, and guidance to become successful on your trading journey. Whether you are a seasoned trader or new to the world of trading, the platform has something for everyone. So, let’s take a look at all that InvestXE has on offer in this detailed review.


InvestXE Review- Features!
InvestXE Review- Features!
  • InvestXE offers a chance to several thousands of traders to trade 16000 markets around the globe at their fingertips, ranging from cryptocurrencies to commodities trading and cocoa to coal.

  • InvestXE offers round-the-clock customer support active in 170 countries, so any issues traders face can immediately be dealt with. The platform combines world-class customer service with exceptional expertise in the trading world.

  • InvestXE gives you all the tools you need to be a successful trader, and our experts are always on hand to guide and help you on your trading journey. Traders can outsmart the competition, master the markets and grow their trading skills by expanding their knowledge base by taking advantage of a wide range of InvestX trading courses, trading sessions, webinars, where you can learn from the best and join them at the top.

  • InvestXE offers customized accounts for beginners, intermediate, and advanced traders. You can have an account suited to your needs, irrespective of experience level. Also, InvestXE offers a custom account that can suit any type of trader.

Trading Accounts

InvestXE Primary Account Overview
InvestXE Primary Account Overview

InvestXE has 3 main accounts for its traders –

  • Primary Accounts

  • Professional Accounts

  • AutoXE Accounts

Primary Account

The primary account offered by InvestXE covers everything you need to trade successfully and efficiently, all at your fingertips. Traders can access 6 different asset classes and make trades with ease, using intuitive trading systems and cutting edge online trading tools.

The primary account is further divided into 3 tiers –

Standard Account

The standard account is the perfect place to start your trading journey. It permits traders to trade multiple assets. Experienced analysts give traders information and techniques so that they make smart choices that’ll lead to profit. The minimum funding for a standard account is a BTC equivalent of 500 USDT.

Progression Account

The progression account is very beginner-friendly, and it also offers the tools to become a pro. With InvestXE, you get a head start and learn as you go. The platform has several tools for traders to hone their skills and handle multiple assets efficiently. It also provides several educational courses and webinars to educate themselves about trading, make trades independently, beat the competition, and become an industry insider.

Some of the advantages of using this account –

  • You can access the elite MarketPro 1.0 platform.

  • Members can access the InvestXE extensive webinar library with a wealth of informative content that will give you an edge over other traders.

  • The minimum funding for this account type is BTC, equivalent to 5000 USDT.

Advanced Account

If you are an experienced trader or on your way to becoming one, the InvestXE Advanced Account gives you all the tools you need to take advantage of the markets and trade multiple assets. The most popular account at InvestXE, with the advanced account, you can trade like a pro and get the technical guidance you need to succeed time after time, trade after trade.

Some of the benefits of using this account are –

  • It offers 24×7 support to guide traders by offering expert advice.

  • The experts offer tips and advice to help the traders trade successfully.

  • Traders can access the MarketPro 1.0 platform and use the extensive library to access more information.

  • Minimum funding for this advanced account is BTC equivalent of 25000 USDT

Professional Account/h3>

InvestXE Professional Account
InvestXE Professional Account

The professional account offers endless opportunities, and everything a trader needs to be a pro. It provides an intuitive platform, effective coaching, and unique insights that help traders take advantage of the cryptocurrency market.

Some of the features of this account are –

  • The trader can take advantage of the best prices for executing trades, with a 300:1 leverage

  • This account comes with the latest insider information and provides personalized feedback and advice.

  • Traders stay up to date with bespoke insights and information sent directly to their phones through WhatsApp and SMS

  • Traders get exclusive invites to VIP events and training sessions.

Gold account

  • The gold account is an elite service for top traders. Packed to the brim with services and supported by experts, the Gold Account equips you with the tools and the capability to make big trades.

  • Traders can access the MarketPro 1.0 platform and are offered membership of the webinar library, which includes hours of, technical support, and informative content

  • InvestXE delivers trading signals straight to the trader’s phone via WhatsApp and SMS

  • Traders participate in 3 live trade review sessions each week with an InvestXE analyst to familiarize themselves with platform features

  • Traders have the advantage of leverage up to 300:1

  • Traders receive unlimited round the clock support from InvestXE’s best experts.

  • The minimum funding required for this account is BTC equivalent to 75000 USDT

Platinum Account

  • For winners only, the platinum account is Invest XE’s ticket to the top. This is a top-tier account for the true trading elite. It contains high-tech tools, dedicated and knowledgeable support, and tons of resources. All that a trading top-dog aspirant needs to be a world-class trader.

  • Traders get all the features that are offered in the gold account, plus a hotline direct to the trading war room

  • Some of the best spreads you get with the platinum account are 5% lower.

  • Traders are given exclusive access to VIP rooms where they can mix with the best.

  • Minimum funding for this account is BTC equivalent of 150,000 USDT

Auto XE

 InvestXE AutoXE Working Overview
InvestXE AutoXE Working Overview
  • AutoXE offered by InvestXE is where traders can run highly-effective automated trading strategies in their brokerage account to save time and effort while still making money. Automated trading is based on the work of experts and top traders from all over the world who run their strategies through InvestXE’s platforms.

  • The AutoXE account is fully personalized, and since you work one on one with an InvestXe analyst and pick the best strategies for you. InvestXE’s elite analysts pick apart, evaluate, and rank the strategies used by trading legends.

  • You can then select as many as you want, then use them in your broker account. You can pick from a range of options to easily and securely fund your AutoXE account. Traders can sit back and enjoy the show as trades are made automatically within the parameters they’re happy with.

How AutoXE works

  • All your money stays in your brokerage account all the time, so the funds remain yours.

  • Traders have freedom of full control – they can either start or stop the system any number of times and whenever they want.

  • Can use one or multiple strategies for effective trades

Trading Instruments

InvestXE’s treasure trove of Instruments include –


Established, robust, and more popular than ever with traders, cryptocurrency trading with InvestXE is safer and smarter. InvestXE guides you into the profitable world of crypto trading, opening up unique opportunities and offering invaluable insights. The InvestXE platform lets you trade in cryptocurrency without the requirement of owning any. This method is beginner-friendly and bypasses some of the risks of getting involved with unreliable and unsecured exchanges. The platform has assembled some of the best cutting edge, high-tech trading tools specifically designed to pick out the trends in cryptocurrency markets. Traders will be able to spot opportunities early on, opening the door to increased profits.

Currency Options

Currency options, also called the foreign exchange currency market, are ever-expanding and highly sought after. It provides an endless range of opportunities, and this market grows every day. InvestXE gives traders the education and insights they need to trade wisely. VIP traders are offered lower prices per trade.

Trading pairs available include –












Energy Commodities

Power up your way into profit with InvestXE’s energy commodities that include nonrenewables like oil, gas, coal, and renewables like geothermal power, biomass, and solar wind. InvestXE’s commodity trading platform gives traders everything they need to get involved in this fascinating and lucrative market. A host of trading options are supported by world-class customer service and state of the art risk management tools. Prices of energy commodities are affected by a wide range of factors like political situations around the world economy, weather conditions, and new technologies. Smart traders know the right time to reap profits from fluctuations in the world’s energy markets. To support traders further, InvestXE’s team of experts are on standby to give them any help they need. Experts provide up-to-date general information so traders can navigate the energy commodities market and power-up their trading capabilities.

Precious Metals

People have been trading precious metals for thousands of years, and even today, some of the richest and smartest investors on the planet put significant fortunes into precious metals, helping them weather turbulent economic conditions. Precious metals will always be one of the most profitable and reliable trades around since they keep growing in value and can be a glittering prize for astute traders, particularly in times of economic volatility. This is why precious metals provide the perfect opportunity for the diversification of your portfolio. At InvestXE, you can trade on Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Platinum.

Soft Commodities

Soft commodities like cotton, cocoa, sugar, coffee, soya beans, etc., are always in demand. They are considered a low risk on the platform since all trades occur within InvestXE’s secure and trusted trading network. Significant fluctuations in price can leave the door open to profitable trades. The soft commodity markets are more stable. Traders on the InvestXE platform can access several strategies on options to take advantage of trading that’s ripe for the picking. The option for soft futures is shorted during downtrends, thus yielding profit. Soft futures protect the physical position of traders.


InvestXE keeps you informed, up-skilled, and ready for any challenge. As markets change and prices rise and fall, traders can be ready to take advantage of the full backing of InvestXE. Whether you’re a trading newbie or a seasoned veteran, knowledge is the key to trading confidence. Let’s have a look at the education and courses provided by the platform.

InvestXE Educational Courses
InvestXE Educational Courses

Educational Courses

If you want to learn the more detailed aspects of trading cryptocurrencies, you need to grow your knowledge and build your trading skills. InvestXE offers educational courses where traders learn the ins and outs of trading. Educational courses are for everyone from beginners to experts and cover everything from stocks and indices to commodity trading, crypto leveraging, market trends and strategies, etc.

Online Trading Courses

Trading is a vast and complex subject. And if you aren’t able to find the time to learn about every aspect of it, InvestXE has online trading courses that take a more focused approach, giving you the information you need about a particular facet of trading. InvestXE offers online trading courses with a focused approach and gives you key knowledge in a set of flexible courses to build your trading skills. Traders choose their own time, place, order, and pace. Courses focus on the best trading strategies for Currency Options crypto, commodities, indices, stocks, and more. You’ll also find engaging and impactful webinars hosted by expert analysts and industry veterans so you can take part in virtual learning wherever you are with just one click.

Personal Trading Coaches

When it comes to learning new skills, the personal touch can make all the difference. With an InvestXE personal trading coach, traders benefit from individualized mentorship and one to one learning that will accelerate their understanding and grow their skills. Traders have the opportunity to ask questions, request help, and learn from trading experts who have a proven track record of trading success. This way, traders gain confidence with trading, knowing that an industry veteran has their back, guiding them towards success.

Platforms offered by InvestXE

InvestXE Review- Platforms
InvestXE Review- Platforms

Let’s check out InvestXE’s platforms –

Android Trading App

By using the Android trading app offered by InvestXE, you can trade at any place, any time, and take advantage of the complete features, functionalities, and wide range of optimized tools for the Android device. You can trade at any given opportunity, and it offers push notifications regarding the current news.

iPhone Trading App

The trader can use multiple trading options and functionalities on an intuitive interface optimized for small screens. Using the iPhone trading app equipped with an intuitive interface and the latest features makes cryptocurrency trading very easy. This helps the traders to optimize their profits and minimize the risk.

MarketPro 1.0

  • MarketPro 1.0 is InvestXE’s flagship platform that comes with top-notch technologies and trading possibilities and is available on a wide range of devices. Many years into the making, MarketPro 1.0 comes with a wide array of free functions and services, as well as optional paid features.

  • Traders can leverage on cryptocurrency exchanges and also the futures market for executing profitable trades. It also offers several practical trading tools and features needed and the capacity to understand and analyze the markets in real-time.

  • Features include instant access to developers and strategists from around the world, real-time technical indicators from industry experts, “Copy trading” that allows traders to mirror a trusted trader’s actions, AI-driven trading bots that use advanced algorithms to trade on behalf of the traders, and Currency Options VPS via virtual hosting.

  • From cryptocurrencies to exchanges and many other types of financial markets, MarketPro will help you up to your game, be one step ahead of the competition, and open the door to your trading success.

InvestXE- Range of Platforms
InvestXE- Range of Platforms

Tablet Trading App

The InvestXE Tablet Trader app ensures that your next trade Is just a swipe away. It allows you to make trades at your convenience, viewing every detail you need to be a star trader. Optimized for the smaller screen, the Tablet Trader gives you full functionality in a pint-sized package. This app lets traders access the current market data live prices and track trends as they develop.


Webtrader is an innovative platform that was designed, keeping in mind the new traders. Webtrader makes trading very easy and educates new traders to turn them into industry veterans by giving them the knowledge, skills, and confidence of a pro trader. If you’re looking for a solid trading solution with a gentle learning curve, give WebTrader a try.

WebTrader is accessible through any device or browser. With web Trader, you can:

  • Track trending assets and their progress

  • Evaluate trends related to multiple financial instruments

  • View historical trading data

  • Use the multi-chart window to compare and contrast assets

  • Effective risk management tools and options

  • Extra security via 2-factor authentication

Crypto Funding Basics

InvestXE Crypto Funding Basics
InvestXE Crypto Funding Basics

If you are an experienced or a new trader, finding the required funds needed to make the trade might be difficult. By using the monetary leverage offered by InvestXE, you can have a chance of reaping the rewards, which might usually be out of your range. You can take advantage of the leveraged crypto options that protect traders against the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency markets. Traders also have the option to shorten positions on cryptocurrencies and purchase them at bargain rates. Harvest profits via leveraged cryptocurrency funding without having to deposit additional funds.

Services that InvestXE offers

InvestXE has an array of services on offer for its Traders.

Dedicated Sales Trader

Dodge the tough parts of trading with the assistance of an InvestXE Dedicated Sales Trader. Getting started in a new market isn’t easy. Learning the ropes can be time-consuming, confusing, and difficult. An InvestXE Sales Trader can help make the whole process less of a chore. An InvestXE Dedicated Sales Trader will do the challenging tasks for you owing to years of experience and proven track records of success. Sales Traders deal with funding, sales, admin, and more. With the help of one of our Sales Traders, you’ll be able to get better results faster and save yourself a whole lot of stress and hard work in the process.

In-House Analyst

If you’re looking for a way to supercharge your trading, an InvestXE In-House Analyst will bring the rocket fuel. With their help, you’ll be able to give yourself an edge over the competition and save yourself a whole lot of effort on your climb to the top. By enlisting the help of a true master of the markets, you’ll reap the benefits of their insightful advice, learn secrets known to only top industry insiders, and avoid the traps and pitfalls that so many less well-informed traders fall into. Your InvestXE In-House Analyst will become an essential partner on your path to trading success. You might be able to make it without them, but they’ll make the whole journey a whole lot faster and less painful

Personal Relationship Managers

Trading can be tough. It’s complicated, confusing, and at times frustrating, and there’s absolutely no shame in seeking help. An InvestXE Personal Relationship Manager is a veteran industry insider who can assist you with any aspect of trading. Personal relationship managers will help you cut through technical jargon, avoid common traps and hidden costs, and identify which trades you should be targeting. Your InvestXE relationship manager will be in constant communication with you. You’ll be able to reach them through chat or email, or by phone. You can even arrange a face to face meeting if you wish to.

Personal Trading Courses

If you want trading success, you need to arm yourself with the kind of knowledge that’s usually reserved for industry veterans. Through InvestXE’s bespoke training, you’ll gain insights into the markets’ inner workings, helping you better understand the complexities of trading. With Invest XE’s personal trading courses, you can expand your knowledge and grow your profits.


InvestXE offers its support globally 24/7; if you have any problem that needs to be solved and prefer to speak directly to InvestXE’s experts, you can get in touch with customer support any time of the day. No matter what your questions or issues are, the InvestXE team is always there to give you the help you need, whatever the time and wherever in the world you are.

Email Support

Traders can send an email to the below-given mail ids if they need help with their problems.

  • Support –

  • Compliance –

  • Trading desk – trading

  • Analyst desk –

WhatsApp Support

InvestXE offers instant WhatsApp support where you can contact them directly. Traders are offered solutions for their issues/problems within minutes. Whether you have a question about trading, a technical support issue that you need resolving, or a query about one of the services, a team of dedicated support staff are here to help, 24/7.

Telegram Support

Traders get immediate support through telegram. Any questions about the service or the platform are attended to immediately. Whether it’s a technical problem that needs help solving or a question about trading, The InvestXE team is on standby to give you the help you need on the cloud.

Phone Support

InvestXE also offers phone support where you can reach them 24×7. So whatever your question or issue, their team will be on hand to offer expert guidance.

Final Thoughts

Intuitive, simple to use, and highly customizable, InvestXE is the trading platform for the 2021s and far beyond. With InvestXE, trading possibilities are infinite. No provider offers more alternatives. Offering outstanding customer service and other industry-leading services, the platform is suited to every trader. Their extensive range of tradable instruments is second to none. Both new and experienced investors should consider trading with InvestXE. InvestXE programs will train you up to be in the top 1% of traders. They also offer leveraged crypto trading services for those who don’t possess the required funds. With the unparalleled quality of trading tools, support, and training, it’s no surprise that experts are calling IncestXE the trading platform of the future. Whether you are a new or an experienced trader, InvestXE is worth a try.